Merry Christmas. And we have the Biggest Tree.

Some would say it was a shame to cut down such a massive tree, but hey it’s done, so lets enjoy it.  The Outlets in Anthem has had this beautiful Christmas tree on display since the middle of November and it has attracted plenty of photographers in the last month.  The Outlets have touted it to be the biggest Christmas tree in the nation.  An interesting fact is that it weighs 16 tons with all the decorations.

I got a big kick out of the palm tree in the foreground of this picture.  Also, check out the wires holding up the tree.  We lost part of the tree last year to a storm.

Santa has been stopping by at the Outlets in Anthem too, so come on by to say hello.

Anthem isn’t close to a mall, so the Outlets at Anthem is “our” mall.   It’s a popular employment center in the area as well as a fun place to bring the kids in the summer (for the small water park, frozen yogurt and the food court)

Merry Christmas everyone.