Anthem Gets a Closer Emergency Room

sonoran-health-and-emergency-centerAnthem will have a new emergency room just a few minutes south this December.  The John C. Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency center is in full-on construction phase, with construction crews currently erecting concrete walls and building access roads.  When the first phase is completed this December, the 2-story, 40,000 sq ft facility will have emergency services and medical imaging services.

Future plans for the campus include a full-blown hospital and medical offices.  This is great news for Anthem home owners who ever need to be transported to an emergency room.   A 10-15 minute drive down to the closest emergency room (which also happens to be at a John C. Lincoln hospital) at the 101 and I-17  is not quick enough when minutes count.

Another great perk of having these medical facilities closer to Anthem means more jobs closer to Anthem.  Though the facility will initially only provide 40 new jobs, the future growth of the medical complex will continue to add higher-paying positions closer to our community.  Land owners have gone back and forth over the years as to what would be built on this large chunk of empty land.  Some of the ideas floated around were an auto mall (new car lots) and a shopping center.  I think this is a much better idea.