An Extended Living Option for Anthem Parkside

It used to be called the mother-in-law suite, but that name doesn’t encompass the possible uses of the awesome addition some homes have in the Circle Mountain subdivision.   How many uses can you think of for a suite in your home, with a separate entrance, a kitchenette, a small living space and the ability for the suite to be closed off to the main residence?

And boy there is a need for this option these days. Several newspaper articles written in the early 2000’s cited dozens of Anthem residents that attracted their extended family to move here.  And now, the children of the early Anthem residents are grown and don’t want to live with mom and dad, but might not be able to afford to move out yet.  Or the parents might not be able to live on their own easily.    Or what happens if you work at home and need a large space for your work environment?  Enter the extended suite.


The main home and the suite are separated by double access doors – one door on each side, just like adjoining hotel rooms have. There is a small living space right next to the outside entry door. The suite has it’s own bedroom and laundry space too.

The kitchenette is well sized, with no stove, but a microwave and the ever important dishwasher and fridge.















The total home floorplan is 2762 square feet.  The main house has 3 bedrooms  and 3 1/2 baths.

If you think this might solve some problems for you, give us a shout and we can find out availability for this very usable floorplan.